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As you have probably noticed, I never use Chinese items to make the Feng Shui magic work. I do sell my books and CDs through my website but no plastic knickknacks at all –  Feng Shui works without them too! I encourage and favour tasteful decor, I teach, consult, demystify and share how Feng Shui intrinsically works.

When I consult and write my articles and posts, I suggest using items that you already own. It is so much more important to de-clutter instead of buying more stuff! You have treasures hiding in your cupboards! Feng Shui is the Art of placement and when you present your items in a tasteful manner your home looks so much more homely and welcoming. the placement of your objects have a subtle impact on you and together with ‘the mission you gave’ them… they work for you!

A couple of easy and powerful examples here that could well inspire you move a few things around your place…

Yesterday, in this very feminine interior, together with my client, we presented her pink tea set on the top of a tasteful antique piece of furniture (curved top). As we were arranging them, we set the intent of welcoming a caring and loving relationship. Being in a very feminine decor, we added the vase as phallic (masculine) symbol in this arrangement.

A bit of humour into a new relationship? Displaying this couple of sheep talking and looking at each other helped another client to meet a lovely man a bit younger than her who brings laughter into her days. They are very happy together.

What is important? Your intent! in other words, the ‘mission’ that you are giving to the objects that you are arranging. Be specific and clear, add joy and happiness in what you ask and be ready to receive what the universe is bringing to you very soon!

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