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FEED BACK STORY from one of my students… The last few years have proved ‘trying’ in my career. I knew I had come off my path, but despite much soul searching, personal development and career planning, I just seemed to be stuck. My current work environment was not allowing me to display my strengths and was not holding my interest. Despite applying for other positions within and outside the office, nothing was coming my way – there appeared to be no way out!

So I decided to make the best of it and re-train in my own time for something that I really wanted to do.  I had been tossing up for some time between Coaching and Interior Design incorporating Feng Shui. I wanted to do both but felt that I had to concentrate on one at a time, especially as it had to be done in my spare time to begin with. Interior Design won out and I completed a Diploma qualification.

At the beginning of 2008, I decided that some Feng Shui enhancements were required in my career sector to help boost my Interior Design business along. I moved some things around in sector one of my home and added some red candles to my sector nine. It was at about this time that I booked into the Feng Shui practitioner course with Roseline, to be conducted later that year.

Within a couple of weeks of making these changes, my workplace asked me to lead a new project organizing the corporate coaching strategy. It was expected to take 3 – 6 months to complete the project, at which point I was to return to my existing role. I was very excited at this unexpected development, so I accepted the new challenge on the spot. I realized within the first week that I was back on my path and that I needed to secure this position permanently, even though a permanent position did not exist as yet. At the end of my third week of this new role, I completed the Feng Shui practitioner course with Roseline. What an experience!

The first day of the training was held at my home. I realized very quickly that there were a few key concepts that I had not fully understood from all my reading as I watched Roseline point out the Feng Shui changes required in every room of my home. Then the moving started and rooms were turned upside down as furniture was re-positioned and changes made. I felt like I had been through a whirlwind. I was unsettled, unnerved and feeling like my energy was swirling. By the end of the day my house was in complete disarray and I was shattered. I realized that I still had a lot to learn let alone a lot to move to get the house back in order.

Roseline had commented that many of the changes made in my home were aimed at strengthening the “helpful people” sector of my home and specific rooms. The next couple of days training consolidated key concepts and really helped me to clarify where to from here. With every spare minute over the following couple of weeks, I made many more changes in line with my new knowledge. Sector 6 certainly felt better than it ever had since I moved in. This training had a profound impact on me and I had a number of monumental “aha” moments.

Then the miracle happened. Despite huge budget cuts and staffing freezes I was transferred permanently to the newly created coaching role in my workplace. I was the last person to be transferred in or out before the freeze was announced. Important staff members in my and other organizations have gone out of their way to assist me to make this happen without being asked! Other colleagues were asking me how I managed to pull off such a coo under such restrictive conditions.

I feel truly blessed to have this new opportunity in my workplace and to have experienced the magic of Feng Shui so dramatically first hand. I am more motivated to incorporate my Feng Shui knowledge into the interior design business I am building in my spare time and look forward to helping others transform their world with these concepts. I would never have thought that the two fields that I wanted to pursue would both come to me at the same time. I have come to realize that there are definite synergies between these two fields and have worked out how to incorporate both over time into my daily work. I am well and truly back on my path.

Thank you Roseline! – Sue (Australia)

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master, Consultant, Best-selling Author and inspirational Speaker http://www.fengshuisteps.com/courses.html