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Many people are confused as what Feng Shui really is and how it works. Feng Shui is an ancient art of placement that originated in China many centuries ago. It is based on common sense, placement and orientation. It existed worldwide under different names. Today, Feng Shui is a more a fashionable and trendy word that too many mix up with Chinese superstition. We do not need any Chinese items to make Feng Shui work for us! We simply need common sense, taste and… be open to receive what we are about to manifest with our changes.

Feng means ‘Wind’ and Shui translates to ‘Water’ – they are the symbols of two essential natural elements to our survival. We need to drink and hydrate our bodies as much as we need to breathe too.  Feng Shui is about ‘energy’. The art of Feng Shui is creating harmony in your surroundings in order to create and maintain health, love, well-being and happiness. Look at your home with new eyes and find where and how well Chi (meaning life force or energy) is flowing. Encourage curves for a more peaceful and harmonious flow in your life and avoid straight lines. Open your curtains daily even in your spare rooms, light is life – that is what Chi means too: life and joy!

There are many approaches and schools of Feng Shui that lead to lots of confusion. In my articles I will follow easy steps based on the Form School and the Black Hat School of Feng Shui, the examples and explanations can be followed and applied to those willing to follow any other schools too. In other words, my posts (articles) are for you to enjoy, test and apply in your surroundings to get results and awareness of how you can create a better life.

Start today with a simple exercise. Your home symbolises your life. Look at all the pictures and photos that surround you in your interior. Your children are now teenagers or even adults, so store all their baby pictures in an album instead of displaying them in the house… this will immediately ease the tension. As mother and father you scanned the pictures and kept considering them as babies instead of teens or adults today. Updating photos in the frames welcomes today’s vibrations, encouraging a feeling of acknowledgement and appreciation.

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master, Consultant & best-selling Author – My easy to follow Books and E-Books are available in different languages click here to purchase your copies http://www.fengshuisteps.com/books_products.html