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It is winter for the moment in Canberra (Australia) and this morning again, the grass outside my window was looking very frosty. I am not the typical shopping girl and I limit my wardrobe to a few good quality items mixing and matching my colour scheme… but I needed a jumper to keep me warm!

I went on a shopping ‘mission’ to find a warm jumper and was absolutely shocked to see so many shops retailing Chinese items! Impossible to find a jumper well made and nicely designed ‘Made in Australia‘ or even elsewhere than in China ! I turned around and went back home very disappointed!

I decided to look for local Alpaca wool and knit a jumper myself. I found a beautiful model on internet and printed its explanations. One of my local students oriented me to an Alpaca farm in Murrumbateman (this is very close to Canberra) and I am buying beautiful local wool of natural colour.

I am ready to knit my jumper with plenty of good intents, each stitch will be knitted with joy and pride while I listen to inspiring music. I know that when I will wear it, I will feel happy, joyful and proud to have something local charged with so many good thoughts. That will be ‘my’ unique piece of art.

And you… what quality, tasteful and local items are you buying? Today, look closer to what you purchase and encourage genuine and local products. Take time to create quality too.

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master and Author http://www.fengshuisteps.com