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Your home reveals a lot about you and your life. Daily, you scan your décor and each item has a subtle impact on you.

Prefer tasteful and valuable items – in other words, choose quality instead of quantity. A lovely object well placed can make you feel special and abundant. A recent picture of you will remind you how gorgeous you look today. This is all part of the Art of Feng Shui!

This gorgeous piece of Glass Art by Maureen Charles – Cambridge U.K. is called Flow1. It has vibrant colours, lovely shapes and to me it symbolises that in life when we are down… we always get up again! http://www.mpjartglass.co.uk/

Life is movement, life is joy.

Ask yourself how often you have complained lately and feel how much these thoughts have affected you? Check your interior and discard items that seem to make you feel sad or depressed. Pause. Breathe. Then choose to display a new item and feel the difference!

Would you be ready to order your personalised Glass Art by Maureen Charles, contact her through her website (see her link next to the picture) – parcels are shiped worldwide. Remember, artists put their heart, soul and joy into their work and Maureen has certainly a beautiful soul. Happy art pieces around your home spread their happy vibrations!

Kind regards, Roseline Deleu International Feng Shui Master & Best-Selling Author http://www.fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html

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