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When we live our life through our intuitive self we become ONE with everything in our world, therefore we become at peace with our deepest self. As an intuitive reader I only look inside people’s lives when I am invited and given clear guidance to do so – otherwise, it would be intruiding, like walking into someone’s house without knocking.

There is a lot more to being intuitive than predicting the future or giving lucky lotto number for the big win. It requires a deep understanding of yourself (personal development) freeing yourself from judgment about what is considered good or bad. Being able to attune with the world in harmony and listen to all the shifts of energy around you. The more attuned you are, the more you pick up.

Over the years, I have beeen creating more than 650 designs helping people to look into their lives today. They HEAR what their higher self is telling them through my voice and it EMPOWERS them! We cover the 90 sectors of the magic Square of Feng Shui (Life path-Career, Love-Relationship, Health-Past-Respect, Weanth-Abundance-Money, YOU, Helpers- travels, Children-Projects-Ideas-Creativity, Study-Spirituality, Well-Being-Recognition-Fame. A reading takes 1.5 hour with me and happens either in person, on the phone or nowadays more and more through SKYPE.

The ‘randomly’ chosen designs reveal what the clients are going through right now, their strenghts and their weaknesses. Then, during the consultation process together we find suggestions to shift challenges and weaknesses into strenghts. Ideas are given and followed in the next few days. My Intuitive Readings have already changed many people’s outlook on life!

Listen with your heart!

Are you rady for your personal Reading? One question, a 1.5 hour Consultation or even… learn how to become a Reader yourself – Contact Roseline Deleu, Feng Shui Master, Best-selling Author, Intuitive and Psychic Counsellor http://www.fengshuisteps.com/psychic.html