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Yesterday, I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Tina Higgins of the 6DBY radio station in Derby (WA-Australia)  where, together with Helen – Community Nurse, we spoke about their “Me Myself and I” program that they are implementing in the years 5,6 and 7 in the schools of the area.

Helen gave inspiring tips part of the “Me Myself and I”  Program about accepting body changes and also encouraging children to exercise and eat healthily. The right food is giving a boost to their health and combined with regular sleep is definitely the perfect combination for healthy and happy students. Sport is activating their happy hormones and common sense sleep patterns balance their student’s lives.

Healthy Food + Sport + Good Sleep = Good studies and better life style building a happy future!

I added a few Feng Shui tips to complement Helen’s already great “Me, Myself and I” program:

1.       Food
While food preparation keep the television ‘off’ otherwise you would add the stress of the ‘news’ (usually bad news) onto the food preparation. Food charged with stress and worries would only encourage sadness and more stress into the family. Play relaxing or happy music instead !

2.       Sport
Switching off the television at home and replacing this time with Sport Time will automatically build happier teenagers. Spending a maximum exposure of 30 minutes per day in front of a television or computer is more than enough. Choose your programs wisely. Quality television is better than quantity of hours lost in front of it.

3.       Good Sleep

EMF Dangers in Bedroom

a. Stay away from EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) – I mean here: sleep at least 1.5metre away from your mobile phone, computer, radio, and all other electric or electronic equipment that could be in your room. Your room is your sanctuary where you rest and get quality sleep. A bed in there is all that is really necessary. When possible put all electronic equipment in another room, in the study for example.

b. What is behind your bed head? Watch and definitely stay away from Meter Box, electric blankets, Television set that stays on ‘forever’ on the wall behind your bed head. Would there be a fridge or an oven always behind the wall at your bed head, it is also important to relocate your bed – there is always a solution!

What surrounds the home is important too: avoid baby pictures when children are becoming teenagers, they are growing today into future adults, so prefer a picture of them today and put those baby and kids pictures into albums.

May the combination of the “Me, Myself and I” program and those Feng Shui tips encourage many families.

I would love to watch this little Video Clip below explaining FENG SHUI simply and illustrated with my Cartoon Book – Kindly, Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master & Author http://www.fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html