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I was blessed being invited to a remote aboriginal community 2 hours from Cooktown in Tropical North Queensland (Australia). This small and wonderful mob is an alcohol and drug free community setting an example for other communities. The land has been given back to its indigenous caretakers. The journey there is by 4WD only and it was only possible because it was the dry season. During the wet season it is very difficult to get in or out of this land as there are many creeks to go through, and I mean through – not over! No bridges up that way!

On arrival to the land my friend, who is one of the traditional owners of the Land performed a small welcome ceremony. He called to the Spirit of the Land to say that he had brought me here and that I was a friend and to welcome me to the land and keep me protected. He told me the Land is the boss! “Land gets to decide who stays”.

I then travelled over many more creeks into the scrub and rainforest country. On this land I experienced the power of nature like never before. I became one with the Earth. I could feel her heartbeat as I slept on the Earth. I bathed in the pure flowing creeks. The dingoes howled outside my tent during the night. I watched in amazement a spectacular show of the lights in the heavenly galaxy every night. I visited sacred sites and was shown bush tucker and the most powerful experience was my initiation with a rock. Life will never be the same again!

Feng Shui is more than the commercial side of what most people know. It certainly does not limit itself to putting coins under the doormat to attract luck. Feng Shui is about connecting with the Land, the Devas and the Elementals too! Embracing the essences of the 5 elements is what every Feng Shui Practitioner need to truly learn in depth to be able to recommend the right amount of element balancing for their clients. This means how much Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water inside a house need to appear with colours, finishes and textures based on people’s characteristics and in respect of the Ba gua grid. To do this, spending time in Nature and in the Bush is essential, it is there that we learn the best!

When I was on the Land with the Kuku Yalanji, I explained how I read the place where my friend was living. The line where the ants were running was explaining what was happpening in his life at the time, the location of the bubbling creek was there to bring him luck. Moreover, interestingly, across his place was a special vortex that seem helping people de-toxing from alcohol. I certainly spent a week there without feeling any alcohol craving (I was an average drinker then)… and amazingly, I have not touched a drop of alcohol ever since – that was in 2008!

Living my Feng Shui life has certainly seen me change and shift from what I learnt from my culture and family. I am so grateful being open to new cultures and other ways of living in synergy with Mother Nature.

This community is very willing to share their knowledge and to take people to visit their area.  Kuku Yalanji people have lived in Buru (China Camp) for thousands of years. In Yalanji language Buru means “bowl”, because Buru country is shaped like a bowl, with the mountains around the rim and the creeks running through the middle. White people first came to Buru about 100 years ago. They found tin at Buru – and for a while there were big mining camps with lots of European and Chinese miners. That’s how Buru got the name China Camp. http://www.fengshuisteps.com/retreat.html

Like you, I am a diamond with many facets, Feng Shui is part of my life! To discover many more of my facets, visit the links above and below, and email me how you believe I can help and inspire you! Roseline Deleu http://www.fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html