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Hi roseline, I have a question, when you are making room in your cupboards for a relationship is there a particular side of the cupboard you should clear e.g. left or right side, or it doesn’t matter which side. Thank you

Dear Reader,

Left side is usually the ‘feminine’ side while the ‘right’ side is the masculine one. Then comes the question, where is the left and where is the right side, where do we position ourselves?

Let’s make it simple! You choose which side is the one that you are ready to empty based on your intuitive placement of left and right – the most important part of this de-cluttering process is your positive intent to welcome someone special into your life! So… did you make a small wish list of the person you’d like to meet?

To prepare that list, divide your paper sheet into two columns, the first one is what you offer (your qualities and values), then in the second one you list the qualities and values of your dream companion.

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