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Last night, I had the pleasure to meet Australian Aboriginal artist Jeremy Geia at the Royal Belgian Embassy in Canberra.  The Belgian Ambassador H.E. Patrick Renault acknowledged the traditional owners as he was opening his speech and speaking highly of Jeremy’s skills as story teller and artist.

Jeremy Geia explained that the meaning of most of his painting were the expression of his Dreaming. Jeremy paintings on display were depicting his ancestors and the different layers of ancestry lines.

Having a special connection with Aboriginals of Tropical North Queensland myself, I am very happy that Jeremy (originaly from Cape York) will soon be sharing his stories and paintings with the Belgian population in Herentals at the “Kasteel Le Paige”. There is so much to learn from his views and respect to his ancestors and lineage.

Listening to Jeremy’s aboriginal views and admiring his work will be a good opportunity to Belgians to re-evaluate their connection with their own line of ancestors. Belgium suffered many invasions and many wars, many families were thorn appart, the land is thus charged with lot of blood, fights, and the egregore of resentment is hovering above the country.

Australia is a fairly ‘new’ invaded country. Aboriginal people have received in February 2008 an appology from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Today, they are finally recognised as the traditional ’owners’ of the land – the caretakers. For them, people don’t own the land, the Land owns us! We have so much to learn from the traditional owners, thank you Jeremy Geia for what you share.

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