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I still recall my first experience with Feng Shui, I was amazed at how quickly it worked! I met Roseline Deleu and put some of her Feng Shui advise into practise. I decided to experience it on my relationship as this needed a lot of enhancement.

Looking at the layout of my house I realised that the ‘Love’ area was in the laundry—wow, what a mess no wonder things weren’t going good….So I set to work cleaning it, the window, the cupboard the sink the whole room from top to bottom with the intent to have a happy relationship. This cleaning process took me a good hour and a half. When I finished it sparkeled. Then, I created a collage of happy couples in all sorts of situations (eating, kissing, walking,…) I displayed the collage and added a rose quartz crystal on the laundry shelf.

WITHIN ONE HOUR my daughter’s ex boyfriend, who she had a huge fight with and he was spreading vicious rumours about her, knocked on the door to apologise and asked to be friends.

THE NEXT DAY, my previous boyfriend called me to rekindle our friendship too.

It really blew me away on how quickly and how extensively Feng Shui really shifts the energy and the situation. So… don’t underestimate its power! – Birgit

Note from Roseline: to find out where your LOVE sector is in your home (and the other ones too), please check my previous blog posts.

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