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We had been trying to sell our house for over two and half years and after having two contracts fail we were being extremely depressed and disillusioned about the whole process.  I met you a few months before the last contract fell though and after this last sad event, I decided to give you a call to seek professional advice with regard to the Feng Shui presentation of our home.

I cannot speak highly enough of you Roseline, after your visit and making the changes to the interior of our home: we had a solid contact within a matter of days!  You visited on a Monday and we sold on the Thursday it was absolutely fantastic that results manifested in such a short space of time.

I would recommend you to anyone that might be feeling a bit frustrated about the direction life is taking them and are looking for some positive changes – it is really worth it! The whole process proved to be so positive and extremely satisfying on all fronts. I am so grateful for your advice and will seek your help again in the future. –  Gerda G.

Note from Roseline: to sell your house there are many points to take into consideration the first one being that you are ready and at peace with its sale! Have you detached from it and its memories? The placement of your furniture and your decor (photos and paintings) have an influence on the potential buyers. Have a look at your home with ‘the buyers eyes’ and ask yourself if you are attracted to it. Change things accordingly.

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