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Dear Roseline,  It’s S.A. here, you did a Feng Shui consultation for my two bedroom apartment last February – with a focus on helping me with my love life!

I’ve been meaning to write to you for some time now, so here is my story.

Well, two months after I saw you, and had made the bulk of the changes, I met my wonderful boyfriend!  It’s a long story, and quite a funny one, but we have seen each other every day since – almost three months now.  It was an instant connection and a strong one.  I’m crazy about him and he calls me about three times a day to tell me how much he loves me.  I know it’s early days, and we’re very excited about our future life together and no matter what the future holds, I’m so happy to be so happy right now!

So thank you for the consultation, it was absolutely worth it! Cheers S.A.

Note from Roseline Deleu: Love is only a few Feng Shui changes away ! It is within your reach. Set your clear intents while adjusting the energies around you and be open to receive who the universe is sending to you into your life. Enjoy the journey.

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