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Let’s make this easy, follow my “Easy Feng Shui Steps” and find out where your life sectors are represented in your home.

Each individually numbered square of the Ba Gua (Magic Square) grid is associated with a specific area of your life and is called a ‘sector’. Divide your house plan, aligning first the ‘8-1-6’ numbered edge of the grid along with the main entrance or front door of your home/office/land area; then divide it into 9 equal sections without worrying about internal walls. One room can overlap 2 sections or maybe parts of a few rooms can be present in one sector only.

The Black hat School of Feng Shui applies the theory of the ‘static directions’. No matter what direction is showing on the compass, ‘South’ is always regarded as sector 9 of the house. The Ba Gua grid is divided up and corresponds to 9 different aspects of your life as shown in the diagram (Fig.1).

Fig. 1 – The 9 sectors of your house relating to 9 aspects of your life.
Align 8-1-6 with your front entry.

MONEY is the light blue colour corresponding to area ‘4’
LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS is the yellow colour corresponging to area ‘2’

When you place the grid onto your house, the Chi Kou (the mouth of the Chi, where the energy enters) is your main entrance (front door).  Place the grid on your block of land, your Chi Kou is in most cases the driveway, it will either be in sector 8, 1 or 6 each time, this means that your block of land could probably have another grid than your home itself.

There are 5 easy steps to help you with grid placement:

  1. Design your plan to scale
  2. Draw a straight line on the front of the house that is in alignment with the main entry door.
  3. Follow up with lines from the right and left boundary walls of the plan.
  4. Close up the rectangle/box with a line parallel to the base line (where your entry sits) to from the grid.
  5. Now divide your rectangle into 9 equal parts (don’t worry about the internal walls.

Some of you might have non-rectangular premises, this is normal – some of you even might have two or three floors – to check if you did the correct grid design, email me your exercise through my website http://www.fengshuisteps.com/join_mailing_list.html

To smoothly start your first Easy Steps into Feng Shui. I highly recomment to read and apply the suggestions from my cartoon illustrated book “EASY STEPS TO FENG SHUI” by Roseline Deleu available to purchase through this link http://www.fengshuisteps.com/books_products.html