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Roseline, I did a few consultations and I can tell that the Feng Shui energy is working very quickly. One of my clients experienced results in 3 hours after we made all her changes at home!

From the first moment as I entered her house, I realised we needed to enhance her relationship. I found in her area # 2 a table stuck on the wall, a dead plant, a broken fan and pictures in which all her relatives turned their back to her. It was just couple things we happily changed on that day and she wrote her ‘To Do’ list for further enhancements. She contacted me promptly because her husband came back from the work in an unusually communicative good mood and happy to share time with her and their kids. Wonderful!

Thought is the quickest energy in the world!!! As you can see from next story too.

Another lady client did changes without consulting with her husband. On top of that, she made the changes with the thought that he won’t accept a refurnished room and will be upset about it (“Not a good idea” I had mentioned). Anyway, she went ahead.  He was on business trip at that time and she completely changed position of the furniture in the living room. He came at home and everything happened according to lady’s projection. She now understands the power of her thoughts and the importance of communication. Good lesson – let me reassure you that they are good now though!

Thanks for everything, I am so glad I studied with you Roseline! –  Miroslava L.  http://www.fengshuisteps.com/slovencina.html

IMPORTANT Feng Shui RECOMMANDATION by Roseline Deleu: when moving an object, de-cluttering, clearing a space or even simply cleaning your premises, always put your positive intent, it works amazingly fast!

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master & best-selling Author travels the world to consult and train Feng Shui Consultants http://www.fengshuisteps.com/roseline.html