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Two months before the end of our rental agreement, we chose to move to ‘the Gold Coast’ to discover and enjoy another part of Australia.

As we started our Feng Shui ‘de-cluttering- before-moving’ process, we also went through some decoration magazines from which we cut off pictures of our dream home to be. We ‘blue tagged’ them on the fridge: nice kitchen, a swimming pool, a lovely rendered brick house etc… We then wrote the list of all our ‘home’ wishes including some important details such as: a recent and comfortable house, near the water, close to a biking distance from school, no carpet, possibly with a swimming pool, nice neighbours, one hour away from an international airport, close to the highway all this for a reasonable rental price. Then, we delegated our list to the universe!

Five weeks before the end of the lease, I drove to the Gold Coast for work. I decided to have a look in the areas surrounding my son’s new school. Nothing exciting seemed available for the dates that we were supposed to move, those houses were not even listed yet! Anyway, I visited a few… and this is when the universe took over.

One of the real estate agent told me that she ‘was not sure about the carpet’. We made an appointment and I visited one unit in a huge complex with a swimming pool. Unfortunately that place was fully carpeted. NO-sorry… and walking back to the car, I spotted the reception of the complex. I walked in and randomly asked if they had anything ‘without carpet’. The lady looked at me strangely (I must be the only one asking  for this) and said, “Yes, we have one, it is just available from today, would you like to have a look?” Of course! And here it was… exactly what we wished! Yes, a brick house, tiled, large swimming pool in the complex, sauna, steam room, tennis court, next to a river… in other words, a resort!

Wow, we felt like on holiday and had the lovely neighbours mentioned on our wish list too. That’s where I met Lori of Speedmanifesting http://speedmanifesting.com we met at the time that the “Da Vinci Code’ came out, the DVD “The Secret” was launched – the timing was amazing! Together with Lori, Geraldine and Earl (more inspiring neighbours) we started inspiring Life Threat Management, Children Protection & Security, Law of Attraction and Feng Shui seminars, we were blooming! It was such a wonderful time of our lives!

Today, years later, life went on and we all moved to other areas, Lori Mitchell moved to another part of the Gold Coast, Geraldine & Earl Morris http://www.lifeforceoneinternational.com are in the US and I am in Canberra. We are still in contact and remain friends that’s for sure. Why did we move? Well, life goes on and we evolve, moving house is a good thing as it allows us to see life in different ways!

I trust that my little story will inspire many to start their own wish list(s) !

Manifestation Tips

  • Write the list of YOUR wishes and sign it
  • Cut the pictures of what YOU like and display them
  • Focus only on what YOU want
  • Trust in the Law of Attraction and only think positively
  • Be grateful (daily) for the joy that you already live!

For further tips on the Law of Attraction and Speedmanifesting, please visit Lori’s website http://speedmanifesting.com/ for the Feng Shui magic that I teach (Roseline Deleu – Feng Shui Steps), become one of my followers on this blog and visit http://www.fengshuisteps.com