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Too many of us keep un-wanted presents ‘just-in-case’ the person comes for a visit… Isn’t the idea of a present to offer something to someone without expectation? Yes, I mean letting go of the ‘obligation’ to keep it! That is the process that both the donor and the receiver should follow… then NO excuse to clutter our place with undesired items, souvenirs and knick-knacks. Surround yourself only with items that you love and gifts that you fully enjoy.

After all my years of consulting, I know that many people have issues getting rid of photos on display. Past memories are treasured in the old photographs and nowadays the number of pictures increases amazingly with the digital technology. For the digital pictures stored on your computer, it is a good idea to de-clutter all the pictures that are not 100% showing the way you want as you will never use those. What else can you do? Here are a few powerful tips that encourage you to look into ‘respecting you and others’ in a different way – over the years, they have proven being very effective!

1. Around the house

– Display ONLY a few recent pictures on your walls

– Avoid pictures reminding you of sad events and souvenirs

– The picture hanging above the others is considered in the “power position” – in other words, if the children pictures are displayed higher than the parents… kids are ruling the house

– If you keep the kids baby pictures on display, your children will keep behaving like the age they had on the photographs

– Preferably do not display the wedding picture of your parents if they are divorced

– To keep harmony and  balance, display the same number of pictures of each member of the family (one is often enough) OR one full family picture will have the same effect

– To show respect for elders in the family, it would be a good idea to display a picture of them in the sector 3 of the home—or sector 3 of the living room area.

2. Sort your albums

– When possible, discard pictures of past relationships, you will find easier to move on with your life.

– Go through your numerous albums once a year and enjoy your good memories

– Before digital pictures, we were tempted to keep all the prints… now it is time to use some of the not-so-good prints, cut off the people who look nice on them and create a family-friends fun collage and display it in sector 3 or 6 of the magic square

3. Screen Saver

– firstly, only keep your best shots on file

– run a screen saver—random slide show of your life that will bring back preferably your good memories

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