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The cosmos was created as Harmony. After a disruption or catastrophe, Nature moves towards again reaching a state of equilibrium. Article written by poet and music composer Jaroslav Kovaricek, PhD Mus.

The modern world is a constant bombardment of noise and colour, vying for our attention. Shock values and negative news permeates much of the social world. Noise blares from the television and radio and even shops and streets, invading our personal space without permission. Silence is forbidden in the commercial world!

Our social world is accelerated as never before. Success! Money! Power! There is a constant striving to achieve these goals and at the cost of great sacrifice. Competitiveness, fighting, is not living in harmony. Many people live in depression and stress. A recent study claims that every year around 20% of Australians suffer from some kind of mental illness. Mainstream medicine is preoccupied with fixing the body and neglects the mind and spirit. The health system focuses primarily on ‘curing’ disease because that’s where big money is to be earned. It is thus up to every individual to take care of and protect their mental health.

Jaroslav Kovaricek

I’ve spent many years studying and researching the effects of sound and music in particular on the living organism. The summary of my findings I call Psychosonica and research in this exciting field continues. Sound affects us on a multiple of levels – physical, psychological and spiritual. The body is a symphony of vibrations and rhythms that are biological, emotional and mental and the flow of which strives for the state of equilibrium.

It is possible to recognise when parts of your body are out of tune by developing high listening sensitivity. It is also possible to then harmonise your oscillating system, moving it back towards its natural state of healthy equilibrium.

Based on my musicological studies and inspired by the ancient tradition of Nada Yoga, I have developed sonic meditation techniques, designed for use in today’s busy life. The benefits of toning meditation are many – improved listening skills, enhanced appreciation of music and an awareness of the subtle energies that reside within us. Most importantly, toning restores harmony to the mind, body and spirit.

Harmonious resonances help us to deepen our self-confidence, improve our creativity and well-being. Harmonic toning makes a difference to your daily life. It can be successfully used by therapists, teachers and corporate executives. Promoting and practising toning, we improve our own well-being and actively create a harmonious world.

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