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When I advise my clients about their home environments, I definitely place a major emphasis on the bedroom.  We have purpose-built offices, kitchens, lounges, etc. The bedroom however tends to be where the dirty washing sits in one corner, the clean in another, waiting to be ironed.  Then there is the exercise bike, the TV, the computer, – and take a look under the bed to see everything that you thought you had lost!

Remember that you are spending a third of your life in this one room.  The philosopher Rudolf Steiner said once, that you should take a look around your bedroom and ask yourself one question:  “Would an angel come and visit me here?”. In terms of Feng Shui, it is really important to honour the purpose of your bedroom and to make sure it is ready for the angels to visit.

Your bedroom is the start of a good day and a restful place for a good night sleep. Create a sacred space for yourself. It should be only for sleeping and love-making, without electronic entertainment or clutter of any kind.  Think simplicity.  All we need for great sleep is a divine bed, and a clear space.

Colours should be gentle and harmonious, in pastel tones. Mirrors have a cold, metallic quality and should definitely not face the bed.

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