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One of my Feng Shui students visited Thailand a few months ago. She did take a couple of shots of this huge Ba Gua.

Let me share some thoughts about its use…

A Ba Gua (an 8 sided protective ornament decorated with I Ching lines) is a very powerful tool in Feng Shui and has to be used outdoors only. It protects and also deflects bad energies.

In this case, this building position is at the poison arrow intersection of 5 main roads.

My personal impression is that the Ba Gua protected indeed the building (as well as the protecting rail did) BUT it deflected the energy into the road intersection and therefore encouraged accidents!

To place your own and personal Ba Gua, display it preferably above your door or where a poison arrow would threathened your building. When you hang it, place the intent of LOVE and PROTECTION rather than fear!

Always place good intents when adjusting Feng Shui! International Feng Shui Master Roseline Deleu http://www.fengshuisteps.com