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I had been looking to change jobs for some time and had bought a clear faceted ball crystal to hang in my ‘Career’ area. It was actually hanging on the mirror I check my appearance in each day before I leave for work. I must admit that even though I’d been canvassing with other professionals in my field there didn’t appear to be any jobs going, so I started to doubt whether the crystal was helping at all.

Faceted Crystal ball

Finally one morning I woke up, got ready for work, and when I looked in the mirror before leaving I picked up the crystal in my hand and said to it : “I’m going to be offered a job today’. It was almost a whim rather than a foregone conclusion. At about 11am that day I received a call from a friend who said there was a position being offered there and I should call the manager. So I did and I was offered the job.

Thank you Roseline, you inspired me to connect with objects like no-one ever did!


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