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Are you feeling threatened? Maybe there is a “poison arrow” challenging you?

Chi meanders and travels in curves. When it is forced into a straight line, it acts like a “bullet” from a gun or an “arrow” from a bow that threatens to wound anything at the receiving end. Feng Shui strives to protect a space or site from these “poison arrows”.

Urban environments are filled with poison arrows, as most cities and structures are built on the principles of straight lines. Road, driveways, pathways, walkways and sidewalks are usually straight. Building are crowded together so their roof lines point at each other. There is a profusion of corners, walls, poles, television antennas, billboards, tunnels, railroad tracks, trees, signposts, crosses on churches, and other straight or angular features capable of producing poison arrows.

Any straight line leading towards the front door of a house, directs Sha Chi (bad energy or bad luck) to the site. Straight lines that lead directly towards a main entry or that come almost to the entry and then turn to make a sharp angle are especially dangerous as they combine the effects of Sha and poison arrows. The energy becomes confused and congested.

Inside, straight lines come from the corners of other desks, cabinets or tables anc can also come from long, narrow corridors or from the corners of hallways. These straight lines or secret arrows stab anything in their path, creating a feeling of pressure, tension , conflict and anxiety.

Make sure no straight lines, sharp angles, or points are directed toward your desk, bed, major sitting area and of course surely not toward your front door.

It is fairly easy to find and protect a space from poison arrows. If you can, remove the arrow. If it is not architecturally or logically possible, create a barrier between you and the arrow. Use artwork, plants, objects, pots, boxes or anything that is appropriate to the space and is pleasing to you.

You can also neutralize, deflect and send the arrow back to its source by placing a mirror with the reflective side towards the offending angle. The best shield is an element that controls the element of the arrow. If you cannot move, shield, deflect or cover the arrow, move your body to a less vulnerable space.

Roseline Deleu, international Feng Shui Master & best selling author. To purchase Roseline’s books http://www.fengshuisteps.com/books_products.html