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To Asian people mainly from Chinese origin, the number 4 is bad luck as in Chinese ‘four’ is written and sounds like the word ‘death’. Streets in Hong Kong have no number 4 house and in elevators you see 3rd floor and then 5th floor. No 4th floor! Definitely for them 4 is bad luck.

To non-Asian background people, this seems just like a very superstitious belief. Our past, history and cultures are different. To me number four is on the contrary very auspicious. In the Ba Gua it represents ‘Abundance, Wealth and Money’. What would you prefer? Keeping the superstition of the different cultures or focus on positivity and what this can offer you?

The home that you have chosen has a lesson to teach you, it represents you today. A home with a good vibration is stable and secures energy. It symbolizes solid foundations and protection. If you have been experiencing instability and uncertainty in your life, move in a ‘4’ house. In this house you will find your roots and plant the seeds of your dreams.

So a ‘4’ home is not bad at all! Always look at the bright side of Feng Shui!

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